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“Every lesson with Ian, I learn something new and exciting that takes my voice to the next level.”

– Sean Park, Actor and Singer


“Ian was recommended to me by a contemporary from The Stella Adler Studio. I came to him barely able to sing a tune, after a few weeks of working with him and doing the exercises he taught me in my own time, he helped me to access a voice and a sound I didn’t even know I had. To add to this, Ian does everything with a smile. He is the kindest, most patient teacher I have ever had. He really and truly cares about his students. I couldn’t recommend anyone more highly.” – Alice S., Actor/Recent Graduate, Stella Adler Studio


“I found Ian through a random Google search for voice teachers. I had planned on testing out several of the teachers to see who could best help me reach my goals, but within ten minutes of my first lesson with Ian, I knew he was the one! I love how Ian is able to pinpoint my vocal bad habits and guide me towards retraining them properly. With such an encouraging attitude, Ian makes even the most challenging lessons fun. I always leave feeling closer to my vocal goals thanks to his insightful, personalized guidance.” – Aundra G., Actor/Singer


“Ian Bentley is one of the kindest teachers I have ever known. He is strong, supportive and endlessly patient. He builds you up until you realize you are doing what you never thought you could. I was never a singer, and in fact, my desire to sing was something I kept secret, but Ian helped me realize that we are all singers, that we all have beautiful voices, and that they are uniquely our own. When people ask if I sing now, I answer with a resounding yes! And it feels so good! This is due entirely to the acute ear, meticulous method, and huge heart that Ian possesses. Ian gave me value as a whole human being, and in turn, that helped me to find value in my own voice. If you have come far enough to read this testimonial then do it today! Sing with Ian and you will be singing ever after.” – Anna W., Actor/Graduate Student, Stella Adler Studio


“I first started taking voice lessons with Ian in 2011. I’d been a life-long singer but developed an auditioning related phobia in recent years. Ian made me feel completely at ease in front of the piano, and like I could finally sing again after years of being too afraid to try.” – Meggy H., Actor/Singer


“Ian is a tremendous teacher. He went and above and beyond the call of duty last year when he was coaching me. He showed a genuine interest in my musical development and really seemed to care about my progress inside and outside the teaching room. One of Ian’s best qualities is his ability to explain and teach difficult vocal techniques in an easy to understand manner. No matter how difficult the technique, we always arrived at an understanding together.” – Cameron M., Singer/Songwriter


“I came to Ian, pretty hopeless and skeptical after a couple of failed attempts at finding the perfect voice teacher who could take my voice to a whole new level. I was, of course, pleasantly surprised to find myself corrected. Ian has all the special ‘ingredients’ you need for your voice teacher. He has the perfect balance of warmth and encouragement that will allow you to have the best version of your very own voice. Every lesson with Ian I learn something new and exciting that will take my voice to the next level. He will make your day and even your week!” – Sean P., Actor/Singer


“When I came to Ian I had never before delved into singing. I was a complete novice and was merely interested to ‘give singing a try’. I could not have imagined that singing could be so fun! My time with Ian was a creative exploration—finding the fun in the work, and choosing specific pieces to delve into that spoke to me as an artist, all while addressing my current vocal level. Thanks to Ian’s guidance and contagious passion, I can now say that I have a greater understanding of my voice than I ever did before.” – Winnie S., Actor/Student, NYU Tisch School of the Arts


“Ian is a patient and intuitive teacher who makes you feel at ease immediately with his calming presence, intelligence, and sense of humour. I would highly recommend Ian to singers of any level.” – Georgina R., Actor/Photographer


“Ian has been such an amazing vocal coach. I have grown tremendously from all our lessons. He is very professional, easy to work with, and understands what each individual needs.”
– Bella T., Singer/Actor/Model


“Ian creates an extremely comfortable environment and a safe space to grow as a singer in a healthy way. Ian’s techniques helped me immensely with my breath support to be a happier and healthier performer. He encourages you to sing a story. I recommend him without question.” – Jaz Z., Singer/Actor


“I couldn’t have asked for a better voice teacher than Ian. He is very keen to tailor the lessons and focus on songs and styles that I wanted to learn, while still teaching and emphasizing the fundamentals. Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned veteran, Ian will guide you along the way to fully realizing your vocal potential!” – Yifan C., Consultant


“I went to Ian wanting to work on my high range, and came away after a few months of regular lessons with not only an enhanced, strengthened high end, but an infinitely more enhanced sense of dynamics. I am still receiving regular compliments after performances, almost 2 years later, on the dynamic range and color of my voice.” – Elisa F., Singer/Songwriter


“I always feared singing in public, yet when I found out I was going to have to sing in an upcoming play, I went to Ian. His patience and dedication to his craft gave me the confidence to unleash this terrified singer… and I haven’t looked back since.”
– Ryan K., Actor


“Apart from Ian being a superb teacher, he is exceptionally friendly and approachable. I’ve always felt very comfortable attempting those daunting high notes or practicing foolish-sounding vocal exercises with him. Ian is a phenomenal singer himself and has an immense grasp of vocal technique. His patience and passion for singing is truly commendable and I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone looking to pursue a career or hobby in singing.” – Brad M., Real Estate Specialist


“It’s very important to find the right teacher, who can help you to understand your voice, develop it, and bring it to the new level. With Ian’s help I gained confidence that I could do this. He is very personalized, and he alters the lesson to every student individually. For me it’s a very interesting journey. I’m very thankful to Ian for guiding me through the art of singing.”
– Eugene A., Singer/Dancer


“I have been taking singing lessons with Ian Bentley for about a year. Ian is a patient, gentle, thorough, and devoted teacher. His method is effective and inventive. Ian makes the singing process fun and engaging. Most of all my voice has changed and stretched tremendously, and I have grown as an artist. For this I am grateful for the guidance of Ian’s teaching. Every week I look forward to my lesson, and the change I see in my singing ability is tangible. I would highly recommend Ian to any level student wishing to learn or improve their voice/singing abilities.” – Rebecca H., Artist

“Since starting voice lessons with Ian a year and a half ago I’ve learned and improved so much. When I came to him I just wanted to improve my vocal range and tone. Not only did he help me increase my range and gain a richer tone, but he improved my breath support, endurance, and control which has made me a significantly better singer.

Ian has been great and his customized lessons catered perfectly to my needs and goals. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone who wants to improve their voice and become a better singer!” – James W., Singer

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